How We Got to Crestone...

Hi! I’m Madolyn Davis, co-owner of Crestone Inn along with my handsome 3.5 year old son, Theo. Together we run the joint. Here is how we got here... 

Almost three years ago we were preparing to purchase a coffee shop in Pueblo, Colorado. All of the paperwork was lined up and I had even taken cash out of the bank for closing. The weekend before closing on the coffee shop, we decided on a quick trip with my mom to the mountains. I packed in a hurry, and instead of grabbing the diaper bag (for then 8 month old Theo,) I grabbed the bag of cash that was intended for closing on the cafe. As luck would have it, we didn't realize the mix-up in bags until we were hours into our road trip and virtually in the middle of nowhere. 

Why were we driving in the middle of nowhere? Because my car navigation had been malfunctioning and was stuck on Cheyenne, Wyoming for days. We were navigating the old fashioned way... letting the wind and intuition guide us. The mountains are beautiful, so you don't really mind taking the scenic route and getting a little lost along the way :)

And then our car broke down. In Moffat, CO. 

Moffat is about 20 minutes from Crestone. We saw signs for lodging and food, and desperate for diapers for little Theo, we cut off the main highway and headed toward Crestone. 

Once in town, we found Casa del Sol Inn. There just so happened to be a "for sale by owner" sign out front and my mom cracked a joke that perhaps I should be buying an Inn in Crestone rather than the cafe in Pueblo. 

We walked up to the door marked "management" and knocked. A woman answered and introduced herself as Cheyenne (!!!)

After checking in we sat down with Cheyenne to hear more about Crestone and the Inn, and in conversation she offered more detail on her plans to sell her place. She even shared that she had a dream the night before that a mother with a young child would come to town to purchase the hotel. You better believe the Twilight Zone theme song started playing in my head!

I pulled my mom aside and told her that perhaps I should give consideration to buying the Inn. There were simply too many coincidences that lead me to this town, on this day, to meet Cheyenne. 

The next morning I told Cheyenne I wanted to buy the Inn. We hand-wrote a contract on a single sheet of paper. And remember that bag of cash I mistakenly brought instead of the diaper bag? I handed the cash right over for the down payment. The deal was done in one day. 

Some would say it was risky. Others would say it was destiny. What do Theo and I say? We say we are happy and content here in Crestone, and truly couldn't imagine our lives unfolding any other way. 

- Madolyn

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